An awesome resume shouldn't be fancy or frilly, it should be direct, to the point, easy to understand, and persuasive. Our resume writers are familiar with great resumes. How would they describe a great resume in 5 words? Check it out:

  1. Easy to read, invites interviews. – Resume writer, Carrie
  2. Concise, comprehensive, informative, visual, engaging. – Resume writer, Lauren
  3. It gets you an interview! – Resume writer, Tara
  4. Engaging, professional, short, organized, and complete. – Resume writer, Mark
  5. Fresh. Concise. Communicative. Informative. Key-worded. – Resume writer, Joanna
  6. Concise, Organized, Simple, Keywords, One-Page. – Resume writer, Keith
  7. Clear, well organized, error-free, results-oriented. Resume writer, Cheryl

If your resume can't be described as the above, it might be time to re-vamp. A great resume gets great interviews, so get going! It's time to achieve those professional goals.

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