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Much has been written and said about the ongoing Great Reshuffle of American workers recently. Analysts and business insiders alike have sometimes seemed shocked to see tens of millions of Americans resign from their jobs and move on to new opportunities. At the same time, however, most observers have acknowledged that the current work environment may be an ideal time for unhappy employees to seek out greener employment pastures. 

In this post, we will explore some of the most important reasons why this could be the perfect time for you to join the Great Reshuffle and take advantage of this once-in-a-generation career opportunity. If you are one of the millions of Americans who have been looking for a way to prioritize your personal needs and achieve better balance between work and life, then these tips may be just what you need to inspire that move. 

The Great Reshuffle represents a movement, not a fad

First, it is important to understand the current resignation phenomenon within the context of the times in which we live. While some observers may assume that the current high rate of resignations is nothing more than a brief fad, the reality is that the ongoing reshuffling of America's workforce seems to be a genuine movement. Something historic appears to be happening, as employees who have endured years of pandemic stress are genuinely prioritizing their own needs when it comes to work-life balance. 

That new prioritization on life needs resulted in tens of millions of resignations throughout 2021, as each month seemed to set new records for the number of workers quitting their jobs. Americans have offered a variety of reasons for leaving their jobs, but there seem to be some common themes. Reasons like dissatisfaction with wages, increased stress and burnout, and a lack of flexibility in work schedules are signals that employees across America are tired of the status quo and looking for a better way to balance their work with their life needs. 

Just as important, these employees have realized that the current economic conditions represent an empowering moment for America's workers. Throughout much of 2021, there were between 8 and 10 million more open jobs than workers to fill them. That labor shortage has afforded many workers with the confidence they need to seek out new opportunities that can offer better pay, improved benefits, and the flexibility they need to find the life balance they desire. 

It is also worth noting that a 2021 survey found that flexibility in work hours and location ranked at the top of a list of resignation reasons, with half of all respondents citing that as a major priority. And while those respondents represented all major age groups, the desire for greater flexibility was strongest among millennials. As the age group most likely to have small children, that group was keenly affected by pandemic era school closures and other mitigation measures that placed new stress on parents as they tried to balance work responsibilities with at-home instruction and other life challenges. 

Why you should join the Great Reshuffle

If you have been thinking about resigning and moving on to your next career opportunity, there has probably never been a better time to do so. The ongoing labor shortage provides a host of opportunities for employees willing to fill those open positions. Moreover, many companies are now offering a range of incentives to attract new hires, including increased flexibility and better compensation. With that noted, below are some of the most important reasons why now may be the perfect time for you to take part in this great reshuffling of America's labor force. 

Opportunities abound

As noted above, there are millions of open positions at companies throughout the United States right now. As workers have left their jobs for new ones, they have also left behind job openings at their former employers' companies. Depending on the type of job and work environment you are seeking, chances are that at least some of those positions may align with your goals and needs. By leaving your job now, you can take advantage of one of the most fluid labor markets in recent memory.

A change of work environment may be needed to protect your health

Over the last couple of years, many of America's workers have experienced heightened instances of physical distress and rising mental health issues. The pandemic forced many workers to put in more hours, endure more stress from supervisors and customers, and prioritize work over their personal lives.

Some employees allowed themselves to be overworked due to fears that they might end up unemployed during a period in which tens of millions of jobs were eliminated. Others worked longer hours due to a lack of workers and a sense of community responsibility. In almost every instance, all those workers suffered from increased stress, and many ended up reporting higher rates of burnout.

If your pandemic experience left you feeling burned out or impacted your physical or mental health in any way, a change in work scenery and duties may be just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Now is the perfect time to reorder your priorities and focus more on your own personal health and wellbeing by finding a job that can better accommodate your lifestyle and wellness needs. 

You deserve better balance in your life

As the pandemic raged on, many workers discovered that their employers were not providing the support or appreciation they deserved. Whether in office settings or remote work environments, these employees suffered through many months of expanded work responsibilities, deteriorating communications with supervisors and coworkers, and little support from management.

As a result of the pandemic, many American workers have come to understand that their current work situation is an impediment to the work-life balance they need. That understanding has served as a reminder that companies do not always seem to have their employees' best interests at heart, and loyalty is not always a two-way street. For many of those workers, that realization is both liberating and empowering.

The good news is that there are so many jobs available in today's market that you can almost certainly find a new position that aligns with your lifestyle needs. The key is to decide what you want to do and then begin searching for opportunities that match that goal. 


If your current job has you thinking about quitting, this may be the perfect time to make that move. Like millions of other American workers, you too can join the Great Reshuffle and start to focus more on advocating for your needs and striking a better balance between your life as a person and your role as an employee.

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