What will life after the NFL look like for Brady and Ryan? 

With nearly 25 years of combined experience in the National Football League – a lifetime in professional sports – Tom Brady and Matt Ryan are in the second-half of their careers. This means a career transition is on their horizon. TopResume asked me to create LinkedIn summaries for these Super Bowl-bound gunslingers with the goal of positioning them for their next career moves.

Will the heartthrob Brady join his wife Gisele as a full-time model? Will the well-spoken Ryan pursue a job in television? The reality is, with both superstars pulling in millions of dollars per year, their job search isn't likely to heat up anytime soon, not to mention they still have some playing time left in their careers.

Still, it's never too early for these superstars to start thinking about the next chapters of their professional lives. Read on for examples of how their LinkedIn summaries could read if they were 'average' job seekers in today's competitive market (Brady's LinkedIn is in first-person, while Ryan's is in a third-person, bio-style format. Either can work for you – just be consistent in your approach throughout your profile!)

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr., New England Patriots

Matthew Thomas Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

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