Before accepting the job offer, ask yourself these eight questions to ensure it’s the right fit.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on our sister site, TopInterview.

Congratulations! You secured a job offer. After crafting a catchy cover letter, optimizing your resume, and acing the interview, the company has decided you're the perfect fit for the job. But now it's your turn to ask: Is this job the perfect fit for me?

It's tempting to quickly blurt out “YES!” and accept the offer on the spot, especially when you're eager for a new opportunity. But it's important to carefully consider what's on the table before signing your new contract.

Ask yourself these eight questions before accepting the job.

1. Am I excited about the job?

If you're looking for a new job, there's a reason. Maybe you feel stuck in your current position, you moved to a new city, or you were let go. These situations make it easy to feel stuck or even desperate.

Yet, don't let these feelings push you to accept a job offer without careful consideration. Ask yourself: Am I excited about this job, the company, and the people I'll work with? Or am I excited because I received an offer?

If you find the answer is the latter, give yourself more time to find an opportunity that truly thrills you.

2. Will this job bring me closer to achieving my career goals?

You probably heard this question in your job interview — and you probably hated it — but it's time to honestly ask yourself where you want to be in five years, even 10 years. Is this position going to help you get there?

If you find the job won't help you advance toward your career goals, then maybe it's worth reconsidering.

3. What will my new day-to-day look like?

Taking a new job means your life is going to change. First, carefully consider these changes within your professional life. Make sure you understand what your new duties will be and that you have a good idea of what your day-to-day tasks will entail. Will the work fulfill you? Help you acquire new skills? Push you to the next level of your career?

Second, think about how this new job will affect your personal life. Consider your commute time and your schedule. Will this new job require you to hire a nanny? Work overtime? Is it worth it?

4. Do I support the company's mission?

You don't want to accept a position within a company that has a mission you don't support.

You should have gotten a good feel for this as you researched the company before your interview and after asking the hiring manager questions. Now, take the time to make sure you feel good about the work you'll be doing. Chances are, your gut will kick in when thinking about this question.

5. Will I fit into the company's culture?

Although “fitting in” feels more like the concern of a high school student, it's just as important in your professional life. During your interview, did you take note of the company culture? The people who work there? The style? The atmosphere? Ethical standards?

Remember, there's a chance you might spend more time with these people than with your family, so make sure you feel like you can fit in with ease.

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6. Is there room to grow?

You don't want to hop into a position where, after a year, you feel stuck and like you're spinning your wheels. After all, that might be the reason you're seeking this new job opportunity in the first place.

Once again, revisit your interview. If the manager didn't explicitly talk about career growth, did you ask? Will the company support your eagerness to grow and advance? If not, you might find yourself in this same position three years from now.

7. What do the benefits look like?

Although we might not want to admit that money helps make our decisions, it usually does. Take a good look at your salary offer as well as the benefits. Do a quick cost analysis, breaking down the salary, health insurance, paid time off, sick policy, and retirement plan.

How's this company compare to your current or past positions? Typically, there's wiggle room, so polish your negotiating skills before signing the contract.

8. Will this job make me happier?

Now that you've considered the logistics, ask yourself one last question: Will this job enhance my life and make me happier? You might have a gut feeling answering this question, but if you need, jot down a pros and cons list. Include all the questions listed above. Talk with your mentors, your significant other, your family — anyone who can help you gain additional perspective.

Accepting a new job is a big move, so be sure you feel good about your decision.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on our sister site, TopInterview.

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