Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you're single or attached this Valentine's Day, let the spirit of the holiday be a reminder that love doesn't have to be confined to the romantic sort. Take this time to recognize the love you have in friendships, family, even your job. If you love waking up for work each day, that's something to celebrate!

Here at TopResume, we focus on helping others find careers they love. In honor of Valentine's Day, we've turned the tables on our awesome employees and asked them to share why they love what they do. Check out what they had to say!

Shane Heimann, Sales Associate

I love my job because...

At the end of a recent company-wide meeting, the CEO looked around the room and said, “If anyone has any ideas on how we can grow and improve, we want to hear from you.” To know that my ideas can be heard and have an impact is quite empowering and motivating.

At TopResume, there isn't a day I feel left by the wayside or unappreciated. The company has a supreme level of collaboration, solidarity, unparalleled support, and an unbeatable company culture. Oh, and did I mention a spectacular snack cupboard?

Danielle Benson, Marketing Coordinator

I love my job because...

At an early stage in my career, working at a startup allows me to wear multiple hats and fast-track my marketing skills. TopResume allows me to speak up and be heard when I sit at the table, a chance to work one-on-one with our executive team, and the opportunity to change people's lives. I wake up every morning excited to do a job I love with a team I admire — this is my career story.

Justin Fox, Senior Software Engineer - DevOps

I love my job because...

There are three things that I love about being a DevOps engineer: having a birds-eye view of the entire software delivery process, while still being able to write code to get it out there, and making sure it works all the time. Software is almost like a foster pet to me — someone else may have created it, but I help care for it and watch it grow up! Here at TopResume, that same "pet" is helping so many people better their lives, so I know I'm making a difference in what I do. There's nothing better than that.

Bobby Giesken, Sales Associate

I love my job because...

I get to interact with each customer one-on-one. Every time someone says “Thank you for the advice” or “I greatly appreciate your help,” it's a reminder that the work we do is making an impact on someone else's career. We also have a wonderful office environment and everyone on our team cares about helping each other achieve our collective goals.

Lauren Chilcote, Design Technologist

I love my job because...

I'm encouraged to tackle big, messy problems while being supported to ensure I deliver on my goals. This makes me feel like my managers genuinely care about my professional development.

Caleb Sanders, Director of Quality & Editorial Services

I love my job because...

My work is rewarding! I spend every day helping job seekers achieve their goals. I love working with our writers and support teams to make sure that every client has the best resume for their job search every time.

Laurie Cherenfant, Operations Support Manager

I love my job because...

It's truly a learning opportunity where ideas are appreciated! Since we're so fast paced, I'm forced to stretch my mind and think outside of boxes that I didn't realize I had placed myself in.

Also, can we say growth?! I'm always growing! I get to work with those in other departments to help create things that are useful for the team and the people we serve. Speaking of team, I have a great one! Each person has a unique personality that when working together, we become this super monster - feeding off of each other's energies to become greater individuals.

Tsena Paulson, Senior Resume Writer

I love my job because...

Aside from the fact that I love words and working with the diversity of our clients, I can take my work everywhere I go. I have worked from a plane on the way to London, from a beach in Spain, from my best friend's Halé in Hawaii, and from the comfort of my own ergo-outfitted home office. Our corporate office is in NY and we have team members all over the world —watch out or I'll be appeasing my travel bug and couch surf to any colleague that will have me — all in the name of corporate networking and job growth (and to see the world!).  

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