Military to Civilian Resume Sample: Logistics & Management

Making the initial transition from a military career to a civilian one can seem like a challenge. However with the right tools by your side - such as a professionally written resume and cover letter that showcase your strengths, skills and accomplishments - you can set yourself up for success.

Logistics is a common industry for military veterans, usually because military careers often include technical trainings that can later be used for a career in logistics or a similar field. A quick search for logistics jobs or other similar positions can reveal the high demand for professionals in this field. Some of the positions in this field include project management, dispatching, transportation, warehouse careers and more.

Another popular field for those making the military to civilian transition is management. There are so many industries that utilize management positions – from administrative services and advertising to information technology and construction industries, the possibilities are almost endless. As a former military member, however, it’s important that your resume adequately reflects your strengths, skills and experiences in a way that answers the common question employers ask: how does hiring you benefit us?

If you’ve chosen to move into the logistics or management field after your career in the military, you’re already on the right path. Now, seeing other military to civilian resume samples can show you the best way to get your foot in the door of the logistics or management industry.

Military to Civilian Resume Examples Military to Civilian Resume Examples

What Makes this Resume Work?

The above military to civilian resume sample works because:

  • It's says what's in it for the employer.
    It's easy to talk about your strengths, skills, and past accomplishments, but how does that benefit the company for which you're applying? Your resume should show how you positively impacted your previous employers, whether through company growth, team success, project results or other accomplishments –not just list your job duties.
  • It uses quantitative information.
    Not only are numbers concise and easy to digest, the human mind naturally responds better to numbers compared to words. Rather than using words to describe your achievements, use numbers and symbols when creating a resume.
  • It uses clear section headings.
    When deciding how to format a resume, remember that these headings must be definitive and must stand out amidst the other text in the document. Don't be afraid to use a shaded box, bold text, and white-space around each heading.
  • It's simple.
    It's not about what you think looks pretty or guessing what the company wants from you. A resume is about telling the company what you can do for it. Your accomplishments matter, not the font or fancy resume layout.

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