Recent Graduate Resume Sample

In 2015, about 2.8 million recent college graduates entered the workforce in the spring. That number may be spread out across hundreds of industries, but it doesn't change the fact that among this demographic, competition is fierce.

What can you do to set yourself a part from the other college graduates you're competing against? How can you ensure your resume and cover letter impress a hiring manager when you're stacked against so many other resumes? How can you best leverage your resume and cover letter as tools to get your foot in the door?

A resume and cover letter done right can set you up for success after college graduation. The key is having the right combination of formatting, keywords, language and structure. Your student resume needs to make it through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and catch the attention of a hiring manager, and with help from TopResume, it can. It all starts with having a recent grad resume sample you can use as the basis for your resume makeover.

Entry Level Resume Examples

What Makes this Student Resume Work?

The above recent grad resume sample works because:

  • It's simple.
    It's not about what you think looks pretty or guessing what the company wants from you. A resume is about telling the company what you can do for it. Your accomplishments matter, not the font or fancy resume layout.
  • It uses clear section headings.
    When deciding how to format a resume, remember that these headings must be definitive and must stand out amidst the other text in the document. Don't be afraid to use a shaded box, bold text, and white-space around each heading.
  • It highlights the most important information.
    Even if your information is in bullet format, it may still be difficult to quickly identify the pertinent skills and accomplishments that are important to the potential employer. If a bullet contains keywords and examples that directly align with the possible opportunity, then draw attention to this detail.
  • It uses action verbs.
    Not only do you need to use action verbs in your resume, but you must select those that fit your industry and have more meaning. Some examples of strong action verbs include: Analyze, Assist, Establish, Develop, Monitor, Prepare, Utilize.

It may be intimidating to develop a recent grad resume because you may not have a lot of information to include. The right resume writing, however, will position your strengths, skills and experience in a way that gets you noticed. TopResume offers three levels of resume writing services with all of the components you need to make your job application the best it can be. We guarantee you'll get 2x more job interviews within 60 days or we'll rewrite your resume for free.

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